Hello museum lovers!

Dominique and I have a few new plans for the blog this year, and we want to use this post to keep you aware of some changes to expect:

Events Page

The blog currently has an events calendar to highlight exciting museum events in the Boston area each month. We are switching to an events page where you can link directly to area museums’ events calendars to see their up-to-date event listings. Check back over the upcoming weeks to see additions to this page as we continue to implement our plans!

Around the Globe

A few weeks ago, our weekly post highlighted the GeoFort in the Netherlands, starting our Around the Globe series (check it out here if you missed it!). Periodically, we’ll highlight a museum outside the United States and you’ll soon be able to find all these under the Popular Categories menu on our home page. If you’re planning a trip or just want to add new museums to your mental file cabinet, this section is for you!


While the opportunity to contribute to the blog isn’t new, these updates bring more opportunities to do so! Here’s a list of ways to contribute!

If you…

  • Get word of an exciting museum event in Boston
  • Visit, or hear about, a great museum outside the U.S.
  • Visit a museum or new exhibit within the United States
  • Read an interesting article related to museums
  • Are pondering a topic or issue in the museum field
  • Hear about a museum job opening in the U.S.

…send us a message! And of course, if you have other ideas or questions, send us a message for that too!

We’re excited for these changes and hope you are too! Keep your eyes out as they gradually get put into place.

And lastly, THANK YOU for reading, engaging with, and sharing our blog! We love hearing hearing from fellow museum lovers!