The American Association for State and Local History’s Annual Conference is an amazingly good time for museum & history professionals, but this year it’s being held all the way across the country from us in Salt Lake City, Utah.

If your student budget can’t stretch to cover airfare and the hotel, consider this terrific idea instead: attending the conference online. For a pretty low fee, you can get access to (in my opinion) some of the very best and most interesting sessions at the conference. If anyone is interested in splitting the group attendance fee at the member discount, let me know and perhaps we can arrange a Tufts viewing party!

Here’s what AASLH has to say:

Can’t come to Salt Lake City but still want to attend the AASLH Annual Meeting? You can still attend the Online Conference and attend six hot topic sessions from the 2012 Annual Meeting, plus featured speakers, Laurel Thatcher Ulrich and Will Bagley!

Online Conference Sessions:

  • Too Important to Fail! Historic House Museums Meet Communities’ Needs
  • Bad Boards, Bad Boards, What’cha Gonna Do: Strategies for Fixing Poorly Functioning Museum Boards
  • Localizing Difficult Histories
  • The Changing Web: The Future of the (History) Website
  • Yield to On-Coming Traffic: No Stopping Strollers and Small Feet
  • What Do History Museums Really Need to Know About Their Visitors’ Experience?

Visit the Online Conference Website for more information and the full schedule.

  • $55 Individuals
  • $105 Individuals
  • $95 Group
  • $145 Group
  • $115 Group, multiple log ins
  • $175 Group, multiple log ins

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