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On Point Radio Museum Podcasts

I know I’m probably not the only NPR junkie out there. Listening to the radio is how I get most of my news.

Probably my favorite NPR program, though, is Boston’s own On Point, hosted by Tom Ashbrooke. The program does two hours each day of thoughtful discussion on current events. It feels like eavesdropping on a discussion by the smartest people in the room at a really great cocktail party.

Here’s a roundup of episodes that deal with museums. Enjoy!

Who Owns the Elgin Marbles?

Recovering the National Parks

The Gardner Heist and Stolen Art

Reframing ‘American Art’: The New Wing at the Boston MFA

The Magic of Harry Houdini

Interpreting Germany’s ‘Hitler Exhibit’

Faking Fine Art

Frank Stella on Painting and Art

NEMA Fall Conference Audio Recordings

Couldn’t make it to the NEMA fall conference? Missed the panel you were dying to see?

For the first time ever, NEMA has taped several sessions and provided them free of charge on their website for download. Run, don’t walk, and listen to all of them!

2010 Conference Audio Recordings

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