About the Scholarly Communication Team

The Scholarly Communication Team is charged by the University Library Council with the responsibility of monitoring issues surrounding copyright, author’s rights, and scholarly publishing.

Many basic questions can be answered on this website. If you have additional questions, please contact us. You may contact any of the team members directly listed below, or email your question to the Scholarly Communication Team.


  • Martha Kelehan (Co-Chair), Tisch Library, (617) 627-2092
  • Judy Rabinowitz (Co-Chair), Hirsh Health Sciences Library, (617) 636-3854
  • Regina Raboin, Tisch Library, (617) 627-4221
  • Rhys Sevier, Ginn Library, (617) 627-3023
  • Laura Walters, Tisch Library, (617) 627-2098

Affiliated Members:

  • Akiyo Fujii, University Counsel, (617) 627-3336
  • Janet Hill, Educational and Scholarly Technology Services (UIT), (617) 627-2367
  • Judi Vellucci, University Information Technology, (617) 627-3490