EBVM & EBM Databases

Essential Evidence Plus is the latest addition to the Tufts Libraries’ collection of tools for finding evidence-based medicine literature. It includes some veterinary topics. For a more complete search of the EBVM/EBM literature, try some of the other tools listed below.

  • BestBets for Vets: Begun by the University of Nottingham, BETs are reviews of the current best evidence available to answer simple, common and specific clinical questions. They are designed to be a quick and achievable method of enabling the incorporation of evidence into clinical practice.  BETs can be used to help vets stay up to date on what the current evidence suggests on a specific topic. They can also be used as a discussion point for practice meetings, journal clubs and teaching.
  • CAB Abstracts: Indexes research and development literature in the fields of agriculture, forestry, aspects of human health, human nutrition, animal health, and the management and conservation of natural resources.
  • Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews: Regularly updated systematic reviews of the effects of healthcare with implications for clinical practice. The database also contains protocols for reviews in development. Ovid MEDLINE links from articles reviewed by these systematic reviews via its EBM Topic Review links.
  • DynaMed Plus: An evidence-based clinical decision support tool for physicians and other medical professionals for use primarily at the ‘point-of-care’. It contains overviews, recommendations, specialty topics, drug information, graphics & images, direct links to article references in full text, and mobile access. It is updated multiple times daily to insure currency. Integrated Micromedex content provides resources to help better inform prescription decisions, medication management strategies and treatment decisions as a result of lab tests in the course of patient care.
  • Essential Evidence Plus: An evidence-based medicine clinical decision support tool. EE+ features over 13,000 topics, guidelines, abstracts, tools, images, and summaries covering the common conditions, diseases, and procedures. Every recommendation has a
    strength-of-evidence rating. EE+ links extensively to abstracts of Cochrane Systematic Reviews.
  • Medline (OVID Medline or PubMed): Contains journal citations and abstracts in the fields of medicine, nursing, dentistry, veterinary medicine, healthcare systems and pre-clinical sciences. Ovid’s version links from citations to its evidence-based-medicine databases, articles available full text @Tufts, and ILLiad.
  • VetSRev: A database of veterinary systematic reviews produced by the Centre for Evidence-based Veterinary Medicine (CEVM). It is a public database of citations for systematic reviews of relevance to veterinary medicine and science. The systematic reviews in VetSRev are found by searches of the PubMed and CAB Abstracts databases using specialised search filters, as well as through alerts and contact with systematic review authors.

posted March 1, 2018