Library Suggestion Box

We have gotten some comments in our suggestion box in the past year. I have decided to interpret ‘Library’ as the entire Loew Medical Education Center building when answering the suggestions.

  • Could we please replace the old ticking clocks with silent (potentially digital) ones? — Yes, we are ordering a new (hopefully) ‘silent’ clock.
  • There should be a microwave in the library. — There is a microwave in the Student Lounge in the basement.
  • Water jug in the Library. — There are water jugs near the library entrance. We are also installing a water bottle filling station in the Student Lounge in the basement this summer.
  • Couches, please. People with bad knees can’t sit or bend knees for that long. Also, the chairs have no back support. — This is difficult to address for financial, spatial and physical reasons. Couches are expensive (unless someone gives them to us); new couches will have to replace existing furniture (Where should we put them? What do we get rid of?); comfort is a highly individual opinion. If you have thoughts on where to place couches, please let me know. We can work with Lynn Roy, Barbara Berman and our Advancement Office to see if we can find some solutions.
  • Tissue boxes on the tables. — Yes, we will put tissue boxes on the tables.
  • Notecards for use… blank, colorful. — We don’t usually supply office supplies, but if you ask, we can probably find some that you can have.

posted 5/10/2019