Why I Am an Economist


Because e-quil-i-bri-um is the perfect end to Haiku
Because time slows to a discount rate
at the asymptote of an hour glass
Because I am color blind to shades of gray
Because I like to tell bedtime stories to a captive audience
Because marginal costs are like shooting stars
when it counts
Because there are exactly seven colors in a rainbow
Because self interest is like a cockroach
Because there is always a right question to the wrong answer
Because my worry lines give me away
Because I approach the limit of creativity but never reach it
Because a rational mind needs a pillow
Because the market for astronauts is too small
Because numbers are like words and functions are like stanzas
Because efficiency is the pay dirt of a lazy mind
Because a fortune cookie told me to ‘be practical’
and so did my advisor.

By Mary Davis

Theme inspired by ‘Why I Write Poetry’ by Major Jackson, Ploughshares

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