Thomas Schmidheiny Professor of Business, Emeritus, Tufts University:


Oxford University Press will be publishing my book on Knightian uncertainty this fall. The topic has preoccupied me since the late great Harvard Business School Dean, John McArthur, gave me a copy of Knight’s book circa 1990.
Please email (amar AT Bhide DOT net) if you’d like to see the current draft

The book completion coincided with my retirement (Emeritus in Latin) as the Thomas Schmideiny Professor of Business from the Fletcher School at Tufts at the end of 2023. That ended 35 years of teaching entrepreneurship at HBS, Chicago, Columbia, and finally the Fletcher School.

But no rest for the wicked. I’m resolved, in my “retirement” to:

1) Teach a course on Transformational Medical Advances at Columbia this fall. I taught this course as a Visiting Prof at HBS in 2021,

2) Teach and help others to teach the course at other places.Tufts’s engineering school is a promising possibly. Please contact me if you institution might be interested — my services are free for this!

3) Relentlessly Plug the Uncertainty book.

4) Write the odd op-ed…(which I didn’t at all in 2023)

Stay Tuned!

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