Exploring Ornithology and Classics through D'Arcy Thompson's Glossary of Greek Birds

The Project

D’Arcy W. Thompson

This project invites the public to engage with the fields of classics and ornithology via a series of short films based on D’Arcy Thompson’s Glossary of Greek Birds which will be accompanied by digital content shared as Open Linked Data. Through these products, the public will have an opportunity to explore the intersection of science and the humanities. Indeed, Thompson was a biologist, mathematician, and classics scholar. His book surveys birds mentioned in ancient literature and mythology and gives modern scientific identifications of the birds. Each entry offers the opportunity to delve into scientific facts such as bird characteristics and behavior as well as into the significance of birds in mythology and folklore.

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  1. Douglas Carroll (via Shannon Auld)

    Thanks for your good work–

    My vote for Leukathea is the Northern Gannet, rare but regular in the Eastern Mediterranean.

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