List of Cases

Below are the forty cases in this compendium, with links to each case study:

Country Situation
Afghanistan Soviet/Afghan War; civil war
Algeria War of Independence
Algeria Civil War
Angola War of Independence
Angola Civil War
Bangladesh War of Independence
Burundi Counter-coup reprisal killings
Burundi Post-election killings
Cambodia Bombing by US & Civil War
Cambodia Khmer Rouge
China People’s War of Liberation & Consolidation of CCP
China Cultural Revolution
Colombia La Violencia
DRC 1996 – 1998
DRC 1998 – 2003
El Salvador Civil wars and targeting of civilians
Equatorial Guinea Francisco Macias Nguema’s regime
Ethiopia Red Terror and famine
Guatemala Assault against Maya
India Partition
Indochina First Indochina War & post-war consolidation
Indonesia Assaults against Indonesian Communist Party
Indonesia East Timor
Iraq Assaults against the Kurds
Iraq Post-2003
Korea Korean War
Liberia first Liberian Civil War
Mozambique War of Independence
Mozambique Civil War
Nigeria Civil War
Poland Post World War II assaults against minorites
Russia Chechnya
Rwanda Rwandan genocide
Sierra Leone Civil War
Somalia Fall of Siad Barre & civil war
Soviet Union German POWs
Sri Lanka Civil war
Sudan Second civil war
Sudan Darfur
Uganda Idi Amin
Uganda Second Obote Regime
Vietnam Vietnam War
Yugoslavia Reprisals against remnants of fascist forces & ethnic Germans, Hungarians
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