For Parents

Would you like your child to be involved in one of our studies?  We are always looking for children and their families to participate in our research.  All of our studies are designed to be short puppet shows, videos, or games that are similar to your child’s everyday experiences.  Children  enjoy participating in the studies, and parents enjoy observing and learning more about the latest cognitive development research!  Most of our studies are short and last no more than 5 to 10 minutes.  We are conveniently located on Tufts campus and can provide parking while you are in the lab.  After participating we give all our “child scientists” a small toy as a way to say thanks!

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will a study visit last?

Each study can take up to 15 minutes, but they are often shorter than that.  We usually tell parents to plan to be in lab for about 30 minutes.  We give each child time to get comfortable in the lab and our researchers by exploring our playroom and enjoying the toys we have there.  Before the study begins, the researcher will also to tell you more about the study.   Normally each study requires children to only visit the lab once.  However, children are always welcome to come back and participate in other studies throughout the year.

How many times will I need to come to the lab?

Most studies require children to only visit the lab once.  A researcher will let you know if a study requires multiple visits during the scheduling call.  Children are always welcome to come back and participate in other studies throughout the year.

Where are you located?

Our lab is conveniently located in the Psychology Building on Tufts Medford campus at 490 Boston Ave.  Click here for a map of our location.  When we schedule your visit we will also email you a set of directions for travel via driving, walking, and public transportation.

Do you have parking?

We can provide you with a free reserved parking spot right outside our building for the duration of your visit.

What if I have more than one child with me?

You are always welcome to bring more than one child to the lab!  While you are in the study room with the participant we can have research assistants available for sibling sitting.  We have lots of toys and books in our playroom/waiting area.  Also, if you let us know how old the sibling is before your visit we can try to find a study for them to participate in as well!

Can you provide a clinical diagnosis of my child’s behavior?

Our research studies do not look to evaluate children’s individual clinical classifications.  Rather, we are broadly interested in how children reason in general.  During your child’s visit, we look at how he or she observes and interacts with our shows or games — there are no right or wrong answers to many of our games!  We then look at how all children behave on average to make general conclusions about the way children learn and change over time.  If you are interested in or concerned about your child’s development, your pediatrician’s office can refer you to the appropriate resources for assessment.