In order to support autistic individuals and their family, we have compiled resources covering various topic areas. While these are by no means exhaustive, these resources provide a good starting point for supporting autistic individuals.

Autism Resource Map

Check out the various maps of resources for autistic individuals and family members in and around the state of Massachusetts. We have maps for health services, family services, finances, and more.

Sexuality and ASD with Dr. Eileen Crehan

Listen to a podcast with Dr. Eileen Crehan about sexuality and autism. Dr. Crehan will discuss how autism can interfere with sexual desire, the importance of being pro-active about what you want sexually, and recommendations for individuals with ASD who would like to have fulfilling sex lives.

Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity

Watch a recorded webinar by Dr. Eileen Crehan about the state of science surrounding sexual orientation and gender identity in autism. Dr. Crehan also shares resources on sexuality and relationship education programs that support autistic individuals.

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Transition to Adulthood (for New Jersey families)

Watch a recorded webinar by graduate student Simone Dufresne, MA about preparing for the transition to adulthood for young people with disabilities. The transition period can be an exciting but overwhelming phase of life for families. This webinar provides an overview of the transition process, areas of support to consider, and some of the available services for youth and families in New Jersey.

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Sex-Ed Resource List

Check out our list of sexual education resources for autistic individuals and their family members. The list covers topics such as menstruation, sexual health, popular media, and relationships.