Dikala is the music of the blacksmiths and is one of the older drum compositions of the Dagombas. The blacksmiths were incorporated into Dagomba society by Naa Luro. Naa Darizeau, who preceded Naa Luro, was killed by the Gonjas but was never buried and the proper funeral rights were never performed for him. Naa Luro wanted to confront the Gonjas for his body, but had to cross a river to reach their land. The blacksmiths had to be summoned to fashion tools for the woodworkers to make a bridge. The drum language for Dikala says “if you refuse a chief you will be killed,” which is a reference to the fact that the blacksmith family was originally reluctant to be part of the royal court.

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Part-by-Part Sessions by Alhaji Abubakari
Time signature: 6/8
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