When the lunga drum and gung-gong drum are slung on your shoulder and you are ready to play, it shows respect for the Dagomba heritage to start with these items. The phrases are challenging, however, so newcomers should have patience!

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Group Dances

As the label suggests, these items of repertory goes with dances choreographed for by groups of performers. This site presents the group dances in chronological order on the basis of when in Dagomba history they were created.

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Tora View Suite
Takai View Suite
Nunda Nyuli
Tanchili Gong
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Dakoli Kutoko
Naa Daa

Solo Dances

The items of music, below, go with dances that are performed solo by individuals. The music is classified in three categories.

Praise Names

Each praise name dance honors a chief who played a significant role in the history of the Dagomba people. Drumming for the Paramount Chiefs (Yaa Naa) comes first (up to and including Sanmari Gon), followed by drumming for important regional chiefs and elders in the palace of the Yaa Naa. Drumming for the Paramount Chiefs is presented in chronological order.

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Occupational Lineage Dances

In Dagomba society butchering and blacksmithing are more than jobs: they are existential conditions that are determined by one’s birth. Like drumming, these are kinship-based professions that one inherits through the father’s line. At occasions for solo dancing like weddings, drummers play these items of repertory for individuals in these kinship groups.

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Festival Dances

Life in Dagbon is marked by a cycle of festivals that are determined by the lunar calendar. Drummers provide special music for many festivals. One such item is presented here.

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