Are you a current student in one of Tufts University School of Medicine graduate programs and are looking for profound connections and a thriving sense of community?

The DEAR Council will run two sessions of ProjectConnect, an evidence-based initiative meticulously crafted to elevate and transform your social experience.

What is it?

ProjectConnect, a 4-week virtual program, is led by peer DEAR student facilitators committed to fostering meaningful connections. This program prioritizes engaging questions and activities that cultivate empathy, forge connections, and nurture enduring friendships.

How it works?

You will meets once a week with your small group (4-6 participants ) on Zoom for an hour, where facilitators will lead you through a sequence of activities designed to progressively deepen conversations. The resounding feedback from students underscores its efficacy – an impressive 98% would recommend it to a friend, and 95% express a keen desire to participate again.

To sign up, complete the registration: