DIR 2020 Panels

DIR 2020 will have nine panels. Keeping in line with our aim of cultivating a conference experience that feels similar to a “Shopping Day,” conference-goers will be able to choose their own conference experience to some extent.

Our note-takers will ensure that an outline or transcript to some extent is available to conference-goers after the fact.

Each panel has been curated such that discussion of systemic racism is inherent to the conversation, particularly given that injustice resides within these structures.

The Decolonizing International Relations 101 panel was envisioned to directly support the theme Decolonization(s): From the Ground-Up. The notion of decolonization in the international relations space has often been relegated to a few decades in the 20th century; a historical artefact, instead of a living, breathing project and goal, journey and destination. This panel was created with the aim of first, introducing attendees to the concept of decolonization more broadly and within international relations, and, second, helping attendees understand that decolonization is plural, not singular.

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