2012 Applications F.A.Q.

Frequently Asked Questions on Applications:

  • Are applicants required to be based in the US or be a US citizen?
    No, participants are not required to be US citizens or based at a US institution. Our budget is limited, however, so we may not be able to defray any or all travel costs, particularly international travel expenses.
  • Is there funding available? If so, how much?
    There will be limited support available for some participants. Support, when offered, will be in the form of lodging and meals on campus and travel to and from campus. Stipends are not offered. We will provide information on the level of available support as part of the notification process.
  • May I participate if I pay my own expenses?
    Self-funded applicants are welcome to apply. Applications will be evaluated on the merits of the proposed research.
  • I’m not sure if my area of research interest is well suited for this institute, what do you advise?
    If you are interested in the institute, by all means apply. We have endeavored to make the application brief in order to encourage a wide range of applicants.
  • How many participants will there be?
    Our original proposal to NEH was designed for 25-40 participants. We want the experience to be productive and collaborative.
  • May more than one representative of a project or working group apply?
    Yes, multiple applicants working on one set of source materials may apply jointly. Please make a note on the statement of purpose that you would like the applications to be reviewed jointly and name the other applicants in your working group. (This notation will be exempt from the 1,000 word limit).