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Contact information: perseus_neh [at]


Schedule: The workshop will be held on two full days, March 28th and 29th (roughly 9 am to 5 pm). March 27th and March 30th are considered travel days.


Location: The meeting will be held on the Medford campus of Tufts University. The Perseus Digital Library is located in Eaton Hall, room 134C. Exact workshop meeting rooms TBD.


The temperature in Medford during the last week in March ranges, on average, from 22° – 36°F (-6° t0  2°C). March is the rainiest month in this area, and snow is not atypical, even at the end of the month. Please pack accordingly!


At this writing, we plan to reimburse participating authors for travel. (In select instances, we may be able to prepay for certain expenses.)

Please note that any offer of reimbursement is contingent upon meeting all of the rules and requirements of Tufts University. It is the traveler’s obligation to provide all necessary documentation and to follow instructions as posted below. Tufts may refuse reimbursement if these requirements are not met. Please let us know if you have questions in advance so that we can avoid any problems at the time of reimbursement.


If you plan on requesting an airfare reimbursement, please save your boarding passes and any baggage fee receipts, as well as receipts for transportation to and from the airport and between the airport and your hotel or home (see Per diem below).

If you are traveling from a location outside of the US, we must comply with the Fly America Act and ask you to use a US flagged carrier for your trip. Some exceptions apply. Please contact us before booking an international flight to avoid reimbursement refusal.

Other Transportation:

In lieu of airfare, you may request reimbursement for train tickets or use of a car (either private or rental). In order to reimburse a rental car, you must present an itemized receipt for the rental and any gas receipts. Private vehicles will be reimbursed at the current federal mileage reimbursement rate from your home to Tufts on the arrival and departure date. (Mileage will not be reimbursed for incidental trips during the stay as incidental trips are included in the per diem).

Alternatively, you may present gas receipts; you cannot claim both mileage reimbursement and gas receipts for a private vehicle.

Parking is complimentary at the conference hotel. We will also provide parking tokens for on campus. The per diem will cover all other parking and driving (such as trips around town or to and from dinner or lunch).

For information on taxis, airport shuttles, etc., see the note under Per diem below.



Please reserve your room by contacting the Hyatt Place, Medford 1-888-492-8847. Please ask for the Perseus Project group in order to obtain our discounted rate. You will need to use a credit card to hold the room. (Note: you do not have to do anything but reserve the room as you would for any other travel. We’ll be arranging direct billing prior to the guest arrivals.) We have set aside 3 nights at the conference rate. You may add on extra nights as fits your travel schedule. Please request the standard Tufts rate for extra nights.

Please reserve your room by March 6, 2014.

After March 6, rooms may not be available or may be available at a different rate.  If, for any reason, you cannot secure a room at the conference rate, or if you choose to stay elsewhere, we may limit your lodging reimbursement to match the conference hotel room rate and you will be responsible for the difference out of pocket.

See the Hyatt fact sheet for more information.

Per diem & saving receipts:

For out of pocket meals and transportation during your stay (such as cab fares to and from dinner or around the city), Tufts will pay a per diem at the standard US government rate. This is currently $71/day for Medford ($53.25 on the first and last day of travel). If you do not pay out of pocket for a meal (such as breakfast at your hotel or a group dinner), the per diem may be reduced accordingly. We will make every effort to reimburse you as much as possible.If you prefer to be reimbursed based on receipts, we can do so. Please save all of your receipts for meals, snacks, and transportation if you would like to use this option.

Note: Receipts are still required for transportation on the day of your arrival and departure. Anything that takes you between your home, the airport, and your hotel: so airport shuttles, taxis, trains, etc. When in doubt, save all of the receipts on your travel days. Absent receipts, we can reimburse only up to the per diem limits.


Other Information:
Tufts is served by Logan International Airport in Boston.

A cab fare from the airport to Tufts should be about US$40 US.

Visit the Tufts travel portal for more links and information.

Please let us know if you have any special concerns or requests.

Dining Options:

If you want to explore beyond Medford, you can take the hotel shuttle to the Wellington T Station.  (Check with the front desk on how far they’ll take you: they may be able to bring you to Davis Square. You should be able to schedule a time if you’re traveling as a group).

PDF of the MBTA (Greater Boston area subway).

With all of these recommendations, take a minute to see what Yelp! says.

Davis Square has a variety of options for food (and you can try your hand at Candlepin bowling at Sacco’s). Recommendations include Redbones , Boston Burger Company, and the Foundry on Elm in Davis Square.

One T stop away (or a short walk) is Porter Square. Christopher’s and the Tavern in the Square in Porter Square have casual dining and drinks.

Near the Wellington Station T there are a few places around Station Landing nearby that are good for casual drinks: Margarita’s, Pizzeria Regina (the North End original is a Boston institution and where you’ll find authentic Boston-style pizza), and Not Your Average Joe’s as well as a sushi barYoki (also another location on Mass Ave in Cambridge).

At North Station, which is north on the T from Wellington: Porter’s and Boston Beer Works are both recommended as well as The Fours. If the Celtics (basketball) or Bruins (hockey) are playing, it’s best to try North Station after the games start (~ 7 pm ) and  avoid the crowds leaving the games (~10 pm).

Near Kenmore Square, the Yard House has a massive beer menu and Kings has bowling and pool in the Back Bay.

Harvard Square is the place to wander: it has an eclectic variety of shops and stores and is two stops away from Davis Square.