Azure Team 2017

Andac Demir, John Mei Jin Koh, Danish Manzoor Bhatti

Smart Pebble

This project focuses on building a small and affordable sensing suite that offers farmers and gardeners a quick, convenient and effective way of monitoring the pH, humidity and temperature values of their soil. The device gathers data from pH, humidity and temperature sensors at regular intervals with a Photon microcontroller and forwards that data via Wi-Fi connection to the MongoDB database residing on the cloud. On the cloud, a server side application crunches the stored values to provide a customized feedback tailored to each user via a web application. With the attributes that include accurate sensor readings, rechargeable power module, waterproof casing, user-friendly data visualization and over-the-air firmware updates, it increases the efficiency for the farmers and improves the decision making process of the gardeners.

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