Teal Team 2017

Andrew Bourhis, Sadie Woolf

Gastro-enteric Nanotechnology for Increased Drug Efficacy

Our project focuses on developing an innovative targeted drug delivery system to improve drug efficacy. The environment of the human digestive system is hugely variable from patient to patient as well as from day to day. Typical capsules are made from gelatin substances which can degrade at a variable rate that depends on a multitude of factors, such as temperature and acidity. Variations in pill degradation and therefore drug release yield large amounts of uncertainty in the efficacy of a given drug in the treatment of a whole host of ailments. For medical conditions within the gastrointestinal tract, targeted drug delivery (the controlled release of a medication within the human system) reduces this uncertainty.

The problem is that most targeted drug release systems are either invasive or highly impractical for general consumer use. Our senior project aims to develop the foundations of a delivery system that is both user-friendly and capable of being used outside the lab.

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