Wild Strawberry Team 2018

Camila Menard, Danielle Skufca

Embedded, Direct Down-Conversion, GPU Accelerated GNSS Receiver

Military personnel and civilians depend heavily on Global Positioning Systems (GPS) for calculating precise location, navigation, and time solutions, but currently-used GPS receivers are not as efficient, flexible, or accurate as recent technology could allow. We attempted to use the open-source software GNSS-SDR (Global Navigation Satellite System Software Defined Receiver) to implement a software-defined dual-frequency GPS receiver. The goal was to implement a method to correct for errors due to ionospheric scintillation (i.e. atmospheric irregularities) and to construct a working RF front-end for the receiver. We did not complete a working software-defined dual-frequency GPS receiver; however we did write the necessary files to track an additional frequency in GNSS-SDR and we correctly implemented the RF front end for a single frequency. If completed, this project would create a more accurate and malleable GPS receiver to be used to test position, navigation, and timing algorithms for military use. The receiver would contribute to the development of faster, more robust, and more easily developed GPS receivers for use by the U.S. military and other defense agencies.

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