Magenta Team 2021

Luan Banh, Melvin Lin, Isaac Pizarro, Zhixuan Yu

Etched Focusing Lens for Photodiode Array

MIT Lincoln Lab (MIT-LL) produces photodiode arrays for uses in other departments at the lab. These photodiode arrays have a low collection efficiency and to compensate for this, the customer integrates lenses onto the array to increase the total incident light on the photodiode. Currently, the customer purchases lenses from an outside vendor then attach the lenses to the photodiode array, which is labor intensive and costly. A proposed method of streamlining this process is to fabricate the lens directly onto the photodiode array during the process of fabricating the photodiode array. This would eliminate attaching a separate lens to the photodiode array making them cheaper and less time-consuming to produce. Additionally, the lenses could be made in-house which would streamline the process further. Team Magenta will develop a prototype lens and a design software that outputs a lens design and series of mask files that will be used to fabricate a lens on the photodiodes. The design software will be deliveredto MIT-LL by May.

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