Mango Tango Team 2022

Max Ramer, Aryaman Pandya, Ethan Schreiber, Sinan Unan

Smart Water Distribution System Model

In 2009, the Abaarso School for Science and Technology was founded as a not-for-profit private school in Abaarso, Somaliland. The school requires trucks to deliver water from a main tank onthe border of the campus to various sub-tanks within school grounds. Further, the Abaarso School’s current system is gravity-based; they have no way to increase water pressure or detect leaks in their pipes. The goal of this project was to build a model that digitizes and automates their water distribution process. Using programmable logic controllers (PLCs) localized to each water tank, we aimed to (1) detect the water level of a tank, (2) measure the flow rate of water inmL/s, and (3) control a pump to increase water pressure. The state of the system was stored ona human-machine interface panel for an easy way to view and control devices (i.e. flow meter,pump, valve). This project demanded more than basic ECE and CS knowledge; we picked up carpentry, plumbing, fluid dynamic, and electrician skills along the way. The team delivered aworking software implementation and hardware-testing framework to the sponsor.

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