Sea Green Team 2022

Emily Ahuna, Thomas Felt, Caleb Weinstein_Zenner, Emma Wellington


The aim of this project was to create an interactive web-based application that simulates the addition of offshore wind power to the United States power grid. Our project uses MATLAB, a transmission line model of the United States developed by Texas A&M, and the Geographic Information Systems (GIS) tool ArcGIS Pro to show the amount of overloads in MW and the types and lengths of cables used in a variety of integration scenarios. The application also shows where points of interconnection (POIs) and wind energy areas (WEAs) are and which ones are used for each scenario. This tool is meant to give policy-makers and project managers in the wind energy industry a visual aid for decision making. This project is an extension of the work done previously by the Tufts TransItION team, and as such, it has access to all previous work done in the area by Tufts.

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