Fuzzy Wuzzy Team 2023

Chloe Lam, CS​
William Yao, CS​
Willy Lin, ECE​
Zach Osman, ECE​
Alex Bazykv, ECE

Service Robot for JCC​

This project involved programming a stretch RE1 robot to guide students to rooms on the fourth floor of the JCC. The JCC’s fourth floor has many offices and lab spaces, but they are often difficult to find for first time visitors. Our robot will wait in front of the MuLIP Lab for students to approach it and provide a room to guide them to. We created a user interface in Unity for students to input a professor’s name or a room number that they would like to go to. Once the destination is given, the robot will go to the room, avoiding obstacles along the way. Once the robot has reached its destination, it will return to its waiting place outside the MuLIP Lab.

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