Mango Tango Team 2023

Grace McCarthy, CS​
Philip Hempstead, ECE​
Sawyer Wilson, CS​
Henry Stahl, ECE​
Angelica Cheng, ECE

Solar Energy Credit App (SolarSwap)​​

Variability in household income and infrastructure makes building and using solar (PV) systems difficult for many individuals in Massachusetts. There are government-supported systems that allow non-solar homeowners to, put simply, buy solar energy from other homeowners. However, it is difficult for individual buyers to find individual sellers of solar energy, creating a bottleneck in broader support of renewable energy projects around Massachusetts.

Solar Swap’s mission is to promote cleaner energy production in Massachusetts with the installation of solar PV systems on homes by developing a marketplace to buy and sell utility credits. The website incentivizes solar system owners to profit off of their surplus, and allows for environmentally-conscience people to buy solar energy at a low entry point.

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