Get Involved

Thanks for your interest in the EBBL! Postdoc, graduate student, and undergraduate student research assistants (RAs) are crucial to our research.

Postdocs and Graduate Students

Applications for the Fall 2023 application cycle will be due in December 2022. We’re unlikely to be reviewing applications at that time.

Undergraduate Research Assistants

We are often looking for RAs who are responsible, motivated, attentive to details, friendly, and fun. We may or may not currently be recruiting new RAs. You can see whether we are currently recruiting new RAs in the spreadsheet available by clicking the “Research assistant positions” button on this page here. If there are no openings, feel free to apply so we’ll have your information on file for future reference. Priority will be given to applications from current Tufts undergraduate students in the order received.

Depending on the studies we’re working on at the time, RAs in the lab are involved in recruiting participants, preparing participants for physiological recordings and collecting data, processing and/or applying behavioral coding schemes to data, searching for and reading relevant articles, and participating in lab meetings. 

RAs are scheduled to be in the lab for 8-10 hours per week. Those who are current undergraduates are asked to register for course credit each semester (e.g., PSY 91/92). We encourage RAs to work with us for at least 2 semesters, but we don’t compel that; we recognize that your interests may lead you elsewhere. Any letter of recommendation we end up writing for you will be based on the quality of your work and your dependability.

If you are interested in joining us, click the link to this brief application.