Maria del Pilar Galindo Vergara

Maria del Pilar Galindo Vergara 
Advisor to Deputy Minister
Ministry of Finance and Public Credit of Colombia

My policy idea: My policy idea is to create a new license for a new, lighter institution that can handle accounts without all the risks of traditional banking, so that it can be cheaper for the people to make financial transactions.

Why I came to the Leadership Program: The program is so well-structured and the fellows are so well selected; it was an opportunity to share knowledge with them.

What I have learned that has been very helpful: It not only focuses on technical issues, but also teaches other skills we have to use like engaging the media, working on negotiation and persuasion techniques, and how to deal with stakeholders.

What I find special about the program: One of the pluses of the program is the networking we are doing with people from around the world. These are people from other emerging markets who are facing the same kinds of problems we are facing here in Colombia, so the sharing experience is very special.