Admissions and Upcoming Trainings

8QM trainings offer institutional-level capacity building. With host institution(s), FLPFI designs and implements 8QM capacity-building programs to achieve the host’s key objectives. 8QM trainings can be organized around a specific country or issue area. Trainings can be designed to be fully online, in-person, or hybrid. Our goal is to help host institutions engage with stakeholders and coordinate evidence, vision, and strategy.

8QM Fiji – December 2023

FLPFI partnered with the Reserve Bank of Fiji to deliver an 8QM training. The training in Fiji investigated women’s access to and usage of financial services, building upon research some of the participants began during their FLPFI fellowship.

Read more about the 8QM training in Fiji.

8QM Tanzania – March 2024

In conjunction with the UNCDF Policy Accelerator team and Bank of Tanzania, FLPFI brought an 8QM training to Tanzania. These sought to bolster efforts by the Central Bank in the implementation of their newly enacted National Financial Inclusion Strategy. These trainings were held in collaboration with the United Nations Capital Development Fund (UNCDF), the UN’s flagship financing entity for the world’s 46 Least Developed Countries (LDCs).

Read more about the 8QM training in Tanzania.

In the fall of 2022 we offered two in-person regional 8QM trainings in Ethiopia and Jordan.

8QM Ethiopia – October 2022

In collaboration with UNCDF’s Policy Accelerator we will assist by training members of the Women’s Digital Financial Inclusion Advocacy Hub (WDFI) in Addis Ababa. The objective of the training is to introduce members of the WDFI to the 8QM, and with this method helps them design and implement policies and programs advancing women’s economic empowerment and financial inclusion through the adoption of digital technologies.

Read about one participant’s experience in the 8QM Ethiopia training here: Are Financial Services Only Reserved For The Well-off?

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8QM Jordan – November 2022

FLPFI and JoPACC are thrilled to announce their partnership to offer an 8QM workshop to promote the design of a comprehensive policy around the digitalization of payments in Jordan. This training is the result of JoPACC’s reception of the FLPFI Alumni Research Prize Grant and will build on an ongoing research project on the digitalization of payments of the Jordanian government that started in March 2022. 

This 8QM training will support the work of JoPACC in their effort to promote financial inclusion through the digitalization of government payments. The training will provide the framework so that results from the ongoing research project are incorporated in the design of evidence-based robust public policies to be implemented in 2023.

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