Amina Suwaid

Amina Suwaid

Principal Manager, Central Bank of Nigeria

Amina Suwaid is a Principal Manager at the Central Bank of Nigeria. Over the course of her more than a decade long career at the Central Bank of Nigeria, Amina has been involved in a wide range of initiatives and projects cutting across multiple departments, from Legal Services to Development Finance and Human Resources. She has been part of policy reforms and development projects targeting underserved communities, specifically their sustainable economic empowerment. Among these policies include the Anchor Borrowers Programme, an intervention that is central to the ongoing national agricultural development by the current administration in Nigeria. Amina was also the Team Lead, Data Office in the Financial Inclusion Delivery Unit of the Development Finance Department where she was responsible for analysing Financial Inclusion performance data and ensuring the accuracy of the data towards the attainment of the National Financial Inclusion Strategy targets.

Prior to her current employment at the Central Bank of Nigeria, Amina worked at the Grassroot Microfinance Bank and Union Homes Savings & Loans Limited. These experiences in particular, furnished her with expertise in micro financing and mortgage banking which continue to be relevant in her present role at the Central Bank of Nigeria.

Her financial sector experience, coupled with her legal training lead her to provide ethically informed and pragmatic solutions to national development challenges.

Amina earned her degree in Law from Bayero University Kano, Nigeria. She obtained her Master of Business Administration degree from Bradford University School of Management, United Kingdom. She has additional certifications in International Business Negotiations as well as in Crisis Preparedness and Resolution Options. Amina is a member of the Nigerian Bar Association and a member of the Nigerian Institute of Management (Chartered).