Mark Tampuri

Mark Tampuri
Assistant Director, Local Government Service
Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development, Ghana

Dr Mark Yama Tampuri has been an Assistant Director of the Local Government Service, under the Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development, Ghana. He has been involved in the implementation of state and local government policies including social policies and city-level policies.  He has over 10 years of combined experience in the public sector and private sector with strong expertise in Public policy: including inclusive financial policy and regulation, social and governance policy, emerging digital business and payment systems, 

He has a research interest and is credited with several peer-reviewed articles on financial inclusion and inclusive digital financial services. He is an advocate and a believer that financial inclusion creates more stable financial systems and economies, can contribute to eliminating poverty, improving gender equality, better health outcomes and the creation of jobs, and ultimately can contribute to the overall economic growth of countries. 

He is currently also an expert for Digital Euro Association, and with Academic City. 

He is a Certified Digital Finance Practioner (CDFP) awarded by Fletcher School, Tufts University and Digital Frontiers Institute (DFI). He is also a Certified Fintech Risk and Regulatory Compliance Professional (CFRRCP) by UIFM, a Certified Gender Equality Change Maker  (CGEC) by DFI and a Chattered Management Consultant (ChMC) by Chattered Institute of Management Consultants, USA.

He holds a Doctor of Philosophy Degree in Management Science and Engineering, an MBA-Finance and a Bachelor’s degree in Finance and Banking awarded by Jiangsu University, Coventry University and KNUST respectively as well as holding a Certificate in Law and Regulations of Inclusive Finance awarded by the University of Luxembourg.