Samuel Kiemo Mwangi

Samuel Kiemo Mwangi

Financial Economist, Research Department, Central Bank of Kenya

Dr. Kiemo is a financial economist at Central Bank of Kenya, Research Department. He spearheads financial inclusion analysis and support financial stability activities on crisis management and resolution. He has over thirteen (13) years working experience in the financial sector. Nine (9) years working at Central Bank of Kenya (CBK) and previously worked for four (4) years as adjunct lecturer at Technical University of Kenya.

Dr. Kiemo is passionate on driving and championing positive change in the society through spearheading financial inclusion activities that seek to address real issues and challenges affecting the most vulnerable segment of the population such as, lower income, rural, women, youth, and small holder farmers. Additionally, he actively collaborates with relevant stakeholders in formulating results-oriented policies that facilitate and unlock market segments such as Small and Medium Enterprises.

He also has a wide research experience, having published research work in various reputable and referred journals as research papers and others as working paper in area of; banking sector competition and efficiency, financial sector stability, economic growth, financial sector development. Here is his Research Profiles:

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Dr. Kiemo holds PhD (Finance), MBA (Finance), Advanced Certificate in Policy Analysis, B.Ed (Arts) and CPA(Kenya).