2020 Request for Proposals

(New: Jan 27, 2021): We have posted a draft “Setting the Stage” paper with selected literature review (link) (.pdf).

This Request for Proposals (RFP) seeks proposals for 6-8 research papers related to the past 25 years of U.S. household food security research and ideas for feasible evidence-based improvements looking forward. The research papers will be presented at a national conference in spring 2022 and compiled in a journal supplement.


To mark the 25th anniversary of U.S. household food security measurement, the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Economic Research Service (USDA ERS) will fund a suite of competitive grants on food security measurement methods, data, and future research needs. The selection and coordination of the projects will be managed by an external cooperator, a collaboration between Tufts University (Dr. Parke Wilde) and the University of Missouri (Dr. Irma Arteaga). This Request for Proposals (RFP) invites proposals for research projects funded up to $50,000 (primarily small projects using secondary data or reviews of the existing research literature) and up to $100,000 (larger projects including primary data collection and new analysis). We are open to new ideas, innovative approaches, and critical feedback to aid ERS in advancing food security measurement. The selected proposals may cover a variety of topics, but all selected proposals will demonstrate actionable items that ERS can pursue to improve or extend the food security measurement program. Each grantee will produce a written conference paper, present the paper at the conference in April 2022, and produce a manuscript for inclusion in a journal special issue with a draft manuscript due in August and final manuscript due in November 2022.


Request for proposals releaseNov 16, 2020
Informational webinar for applicantsDec 17, 2020
Proposals dueFeb 19, 2021
Award notificationApr 9, 2021
Funding period (19 months) beginsMay 1, 2021
Conference manuscripts dueMar 28, 2022
Food security measurement conferenceApr 4, 2022
Manuscripts for journal special issueAug 22, 2022
Final manuscripts for journal special issueNov 11, 2022


  • Request for proposals (link) (.pdf);
  • Budget template (link) (.xls); and
  • Selected bibliography (link) (.pdf).