Welcome to the Guasto Lab in the
Department of Mechanical Engineering
at Tufts University!

Microscopic biological systems, including single cells and collections of cells, exhibit fascinating and exquisitely complex behaviors, which have great importance in medicine, the environment, and soft materials. The aim of our research is to elucidate the underlying physics governing the biomechanics and emergent transport properties of these systems through fluid, solid, and statistical mechanics approaches. Our methods are primarily experimental, including microfluidics, high-speed imaging, and quantitative image analysis. Some research interests include:

  • Biophysics and Soft Matter: flagellar mechanics, chemotaxis, colloids & suspensions
  • Fluid Mechanics: low Reynolds number hydrodynamics, swimming microorganisms
  • Transport Phenomena: mixing in active materials, bacterial transport, dispersion
  • Microfluidic Devices: cell separation, fluid flow & chemical gradient generation