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ME0149 Microfluidics (Spring term) Introduction to microscale fluid mechanics and mass transport. Microfluidic device design, fabrication, and experimental characterization. Hydraulic circuit analysis, dispersion, slip, heat transfer, electrokinetic flow, capillary effects, multiphase flow, and nanofluidics. Applications including pumps and valves, mixing and separations, cell sorting and chemotaxis, and droplets and emulsions will be discussed.

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ES0008 Fluid Mechanics (Fall term) An introduction to fluids at rest and in motion. Fluid properties. Pressure and velocity variations in flows. Mass, momentum, and energy conservation in a flowing fluid. Bernoulli’s equation and inviscid flows. An introduction to viscous flows. Dimensional analysis. Drag and lift of moving objects.

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ES0007 Thermodynamics (Spring term) A course stressing the concepts and the laws of classical thermodynamics. Thermodynamics functions, first law, second law, properties of pure substances, availability and irreversibility. Emphasis is placed on applying the thermodynamic mode of reasoning.

ME0016 Heat Transfer (Spring term) A first course in thermal analysis. Steady-state and transient conduction in solids; numerical solution of conduction problems; radiative heat transfer; forced and natural convection. Introduction to boiling and condensation heat transfer. Heat exchanger analysis.

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