Editorial Board

Guillem Colom

Guillem is a sophomore from East Lyme, Connecticut who majors in Political Science and minors in History. He is particularly interested in the history of global political extremism and autocratization, along with eugenics and disability history. Outside of THR, he is involved with the Tufts Daily, Tufts Best Buddies, and Pre-Law Society. In his free time, Guillem loves to read, play tennis, and meet with friends

Gabe Gonzales

Gabe is a junior from Marblehead, Massachusetts studying political science and international relations.  Outside of THR, he is involved with Tufts Pre-Law Society and Tufts History Society.  He is interested in WWII and Cold War history.  

Jay Greenwald

Jay is a junior from Scarsdale, New York. He is a double major in Political Science and History. Jay is particularly interested in modern European and American history, but he enjoys learning about a wide range of topics. Outside of Tufts Historical Review, Jay is a member of the Tufts Spikeball team, plays golf, and loves watching baseball.

Stewart James

Stewart is a junior from Northern California’s East Bay studying Quantitative Economics and History. He is interested in comparative colonial and postcolonial history—particularly that involving the Islamic world. In his spare time Stewart can be found hiking, cooking, or reading

Abigail Kosnik

Abigail is a junior from Metro-Detroit, Michigan who majors in Archaeology and minors in Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies. She is especially interested in women’s history and the history of the working class. She likes to explore through material remains the stories of those peoples whom written history has overlooked. Outside of THR she participates in KODA and Full Sound and has a passion for music, cooking, and bike riding.

Sam Lippmann

Sam is a sophmore from Westchester, New York. He’s currently undecided about his major. He’s fascinated by all history, but particularly pre-Columbian, Roman, and Jewish history. In his free time, Sam mainly likes breathing, sleeping and eating, not necessarily in that order. 

Gregory Lion

Gregory is a junior from Boonton Township, New Jersey. He is majoring in History and minoring in Economics, and although interested in all history, he is especially fascinated with Roman and Byzantine history. In addition to Tufts Historical Review, Gregory enjoys participating in Tufts Historical Society and the Model UN, playing strategy video games, squash, and running. 

Jaiden Mosley

Jaiden is a sophomore from Riverdale, Maryland. He is majoring in History with an Africana Studies minor. Outside of Tufts Historical review he enjoys being part of the Tufts Admissions blogging team as well as being a staff writer for the black student run magazine at Tufts entitled Onyx.

Anna O’Sullivan

Anna is a sophmore from Concord, Massachusetts studying Political Science and Philosophy. Outside of Tufts Historical Review, she is part of the Tufts Daily and Pre-Law Society. She is particularly drawn to the social history of the early United States. In her free time, Anna enjoys running, reading, and listening to true-crime podcasts.

Carl Svahn

Carl is a junior from Austin, TX majoring in Political Science. He loves American, Greco-Roman, Middle Eastern, and Scandinavian history. Outside of THR, Carl is a writer for the Tufts Daily, Model UN Delegate, and member of the Tufts Electoral Commission (ECOM) in charge of running student elections. He enjoys naps, movies, comics, running, and strong coffee in his free time. 

Ilan Werblow

Ilan is a junior from southern Oregon. He is majoring in History and Classics. Ilan is especially interested in the interwar period and Scottish history. Outside of THR, Ilan is the Vice President of the Tufts History Society.