Executive Board

Thomas Krush

Editor in Chief

Thomas Krush is currently in his fourth year at Tufts University. He concentrates his study of history on the Eastern Mediterranean since 1453, with special focus on Cyprus. Outside of the Tufts Historical Review, Thomas is a member of the Tufts Historical Society and enjoys spending time in nature.

Olivia Olafsson

Editor in Chief

Olivia Olafsson is a junior from Nashville, Tennessee and is double majoring in History and Religion. She is drawn to late Medieval Europe, the development of Christianity, and feminist theology. Outside of the Tufts Historical Review, she loves to read and play the mandolin. 

Maia Peterson


Maia Peterson is a Senior from San Francisco, CA. She is majoring in Economics and minoring in History. She is interested in the classics and international relations in Southeast Asia. At Tufts, she is also the treasurer of The Ivy and on the Tufts VCIC team. In her free time she likes running, making sushi, and painting.

Bijan Harandi

Communications Director

Bijan Harandi is Junior from Boston, MA. He is majoring in Biology/Bioinformatics and minoring in History. He is interested in modern history and geopolitics, with an emphasis on STEM policy. He is also the President of the Tufts Quiz Bowl Club and Captain of the Tufts VCIC Team. In his free time, he likes endlessly browse the web, write papers for NASA, and vibe to psychedelic rock.