Executive Board

Carl SvahnSenior Editor-in-Chief

Carl is a senior from Austin, Texas majoring in Political Science and History and and minoring in Film and Media Studies. He is interested in Mediterranean, Northern European, and North American history. Carl’s favorite THR theme is Defiance, and he loves to go on long runs, read a book, and drink coffee on a rainy day.

Anna O’SullivanJunior Editor in Chief

Anna is a junior from Concord, MA majoring in Philosophy and Political Science. She is interested in feminist history. Outside of THR, Anna is on the ethics bowl team. She doesn’t know her left from her right, but does know that she loves Virginia Woolf, coffee, and fall. Anna’s favorite THR theme is Chaos.

Amber AbdulTreasurer

Amber is a senior from Long Island, NY majoring in Quantitative Economics and Political Science. She is interested in Ancient Mesopotamia & Ancient Rome. Amber’s favorite THR theme is Devotion.

Anja Buan PetersonSecretary

Anja is a sophomore from the Bay Area, CA majoring in Chemistry and hopefully History. Her historical area of interest is the Scientific Revolution. Anja’s favorite THR theme is Muses

April GaoCommunications Director

April is a senior from Austin, TX majoring in Quantitative Economics, History, and German. Her historical areas of interest are late Medieval history, industrialization, and the Byzantine Empire. April’s favorite THR theme is Endurance.

Jay GreenwaldSocial Chair

Jay is a senior from Scarsdale, NY majoring in History and Political Science. He is interested in modern Europe, the colonial period, liberal revolutions, and American history. Jay’s favorite THR theme is Thieves & Tyrants.