Hitachi Center Welcomes Jonathon Donner as New Faculty Fellow

The Hitachi Center for Technology and International Affairs is excited to announce and welcome Jonathon Donner as our newest Faculty Fellow.

Donner joined the Fletcher Faculty in the Spring of 2022, and is teaching a module class on ICT4D, named (Big) Technology and Development: Digital Development in the Age of Internet Giant. Additionally, he is the Senior Director for Research at Caribou Digital, a research consultancy focused on inclusive digital economies. For two decades, Jonathan has conducted research on digital transformation in the Global South, on topics including Microenterprise Development, Digital Financial Services, Citizen Journalism, Mobile Health, Digital Identity, and Youth & New Media.

His latest book, After Access: Inclusion, Development, and a More Mobile Internet was published by the MIT Press in 2015. Previously, Jonathan was a Researcher in the Technology for Emerging Markets Group at Microsoft Research, a Post-Doctoral Research Fellow at the Earth Institute at Columbia University, and a consultant with the Monitor Group in Boston, MA. Jonathan’s Ph.D. is from Stanford University in Communication Research.

Jonathan is looking forward to meeting Fletcher faculty, staff, and students, and participating in the community. Please join us in welcoming Jonathan to Fletcher!

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