Event Recap: Computer Technology and the Future of Medicine

April Entrepreneurship Seminar co-hosted by the Tufts Biomedical Business Club and the TUSM MD-MBA Program

by Townsend Bernard, MBMN-Nutrition

Dr. Bill Greenberg leveraged his undergraduate education in computer engineering at Tufts to become a pioneer in the proliferation of technology into clinical practice, contributing to the NIH’s Computers in Medicine initiative, co-founding Physicians Online (now known as WebMD) and advising a number of high-profile start-ups. His insights into the history of technological advancements highlighted just how rapidly the clinical landscape is changing – the cloud, automation and increased computational power are fundamentally altering the roles and capacities of physicians and the healthcare industry. The biotechnology sector is further driving this change with advances in personalized medicine (Human Longevity Incorporated), diagnostic efficiency (DermaCompare) and pharmaceutical sales (SmartRx).image00 image02