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Natural Medicines

Electronic resource: Natural Medicines

Location: Search for ‘Natural Medicines’ in Databases search box on the HHSL homepage (http://hirshlibrary.tufts.edu/).

Natural Medicines is a collection of databases and tools that provide evidence-based information on dietary supplements, natural medicines, and complementary and alternative therapies.  Databases in this collection include: Food, Herbs & Supplements, which has monographs for vitamins, herbs, minerals, non-herbal supplements, naturally sourced chemical compounds, and foods; Health & Wellness, which has monographs for complementary and alternative therapies; Sports Medicine, which has monographs for substances or exercises that may affect athletic performance; and Commercial Products, a comprehensive list of manufacturers and the products they make.  You can search across all databases, or choose to search a particular database.  Monographs have sections on safety, effectiveness, dosing and administration, and adverse effects, with links to published literature.  Natural Medicines also has tools for evaluating interactions, nutrient depletion, and effectiveness.