Finance in Displacement: Refugee Integration in Jordan, Kenya, Mexico, and Uganda

April 20-21, 2021

This two-day symposium explored the financial integration of refugees, drawing on recent research conducted in Jordan, Kenya, Mexico, and Uganda. The symposium disseminated and discussed findings and potential programming changes based on our research insights about how refugee and migrant households manage their livelihoods and finances, and whether and how they integrate into local economies. Our research explored refugees’ own financial strategies — saving, borrowing, remitting, insuring — and the role of financial services and other factors that helped or hindered their strategies. These findings promise exciting new program possibilities.

Through our findings, we hope to provide recommendations to policy makers, humanitarian and development agencies, and other actors whose work aims to improve the lives of refugees.

The symposium is a collaboration between the research partners: Katholische Universität Eichstätt-Ingolstadt (KU), Tufts University, and the International Rescue Committee, and is supported by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) and the Open Society Foundations.

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Day 1

8:00-11:00 EDT

FINDings, Practicalities, and their Policy Implications

✓ 8:00-8:15: Welcome and Opening Remarks

✓ 8:15-8:50: Comprehensive Overview of the FINDings in Jordan, Kenya, Mexico, and Uganda

✓ 8:52-9:20: Policy Implications of the FINDings

✓ 9:20-9:30: Break

✓ 9:30-10:45: Discussants’ Response and Q&A

✓ 10:45-10:53: Teasers for Day 2 Breakout Sessions

✓ 10:53-11:00: Closing Remarks & Closure

Day 2

8:00-10:30 EDT

What the FINDings Reveal About our Assumptions

✓ 8:00-8:15: Introduction and Recap of Day 1

✓ 8:15-8:20: Opening Remarks

✓ 8:20-9:30: Breakout Sessions on Provocative Discussions (see below)

✓ 9:30-9:40: Break

✓ 9:40-10:10: Plenary Session and Q&A

✓ 10:10-10:20: Closing Remarks & Symposium Closure

Day 2 – Provocative Discussions

Videos forthcoming

April 21nd, apprx. 8:20 EDT/14:20 CET

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