Academic Partners

The Center for Flight and Migration at the Catholic University of Eichstätt-Inglostadt

The Center for Flight and Migration at the Catholic University of Eichstätt-Ingolstadt teaches students job-related and intercultural skills, supports refugees by offering them educational opportunities, and promotes dialogue between research, teaching, and practice on diverse topics on migration. The center’s aim is to promote quality research, education and coaching, and dialogue. The center is a close collaborator with the Leir Institute in two research studies in Kenya and Jordan.

The Henry J. Leir Institute at The Fletcher School

The Henry J. Leir Institute focuses on human security. Many people around the world live insecure lives. Violence, poverty, and natural hazards pose ongoing threats to their survival and block opportunities for personal and family wellbeing. The Leir Institute houses a network of researchers from the Fletcher School who study multiple dimensions of human security — from migration to corruption — and work to propose policies to eliminate or reduce it.

The Hitachi Center for Technology and International Affairs

The Hitachi Center for Technology and International Affairs is part of the Fletcher School, Tufts University. The center focuses on supporting student and faculty research that investigates the intersection between technology and the worlds of diplomacy, development, and defense. The center has supported the Journeys Project by funding student researchers conducting studies in the US, Asia, Africa and Latin America.

The Institute for Business in a Global Context

The Fletcher School’s Institute for Business in the Global Context IBGC) sits at the intersections between private enterprise and politics, people, and the planet. Recently, as part of its focus on inclusive growth, IBGC has seen the study of migration as vital to economic, financial, social and technological inclusion. The center has supported student and faculty research in Latin America with plans to continue with similar research in Asia and Africa.

Refugees in Towns Project at Tufts University

The Refugees in Towns project (RIT) promotes understanding of the migrant/refugee experience by drawing on the knowledge and perspectives of refugees themselves as well as local hosts and working with them to develop case studies and reports on the towns in which they live. The project was conceived and is led by Karen Jacobsen and is based at the Feinstein International Center at Tufts University.