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Women in Factories (WIF) is an initiative of the  Walmart Foundation’s  Women’s Economic Empowerment (WEE) Program. WIF aims to train 60,000 women worldwide in critical life skills related to communication, hygiene, reproductive health, occupational health and safety, and gender norms. Select women will receive an additional advanced leadership training to develop work and life skills for personal and career development.

You can learn more about WIF here, including downloading the open source curriculum developed by CARE.

The Labor Lab has been conducting a randomized controlled trial of the WIF training program in El Salvador, Honduras, Bangladesh and India since 2014. Results for India and Bangladesh are available in Working Papers and Briefs.

Working Papers

South Asia FT Endline Report 31 July 2017

South Asia AT Endline Report 31 July 2017

Central America FT Endline Report  20 August 2018.

Central America AT Endline Report  20 August 2018.

WiF Literature Review.



Financial Literacy, Life Goals, and Sexual Harassment

Impact of Foundational Training on Locus of Control

Interaction Between Training and Supervisor Support on Reproductive Health Knowledge in India

Structural Model of Gender and Empowerment in the Workplace 

Impact of Foundational Training on Housework Childcare



Toosi, N.R., Voegeli, E.N., Antolin, A., Babbitt, L.G. and Brown, D.K. (2020), Do Financial Literacy Training and Clarifying Pay Calculations Reduce Abuse at Work?. Journal of Social Issues. doi:10.1111/josi.12388



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