Welcome to our weekly roundup of news stories about museums!

Blues museum planned for St. Louis riverfront

An Artist Ends Ties to Museum in Harlem

Kenner Mardi Gras Museum items go on the auction block

Peabody Essex Museum to pay Salem $53,000 in lieu of taxes

Nice Mob Museum you got there; it’d be a shame if it’s not a hit

The Getty Museum has a new director but an old problem

Is New Flying Museum ‘Fugly’?

Books Recycled Into Decorative Tower in Washington Museum

History Museum Wants You to Mail in Your Old Underwear

New Vegas museum highlights Mob bosses, tommy guns

Cincinnati museum merger a model for other cities?

Obama to speak at African American history museum’s groundbreaking

The Museum of Forgotten Art Supplies

Vandalism At Detroit Historical Museum

Thieves loot Greece’s Ancient Olympia museum