Welcome to our weekly roundup of news articles about museums.

Children’s Museum helps Bill keep his grandson busy and learning

Board chairman shares C.M. Russell Museum’s plans, goals

Jaguar to close museum, looking for new location

St. Louis tries new approach in museum expansion

Namibia: Museum Revives Lost Culture

Berlin’s Guggenheim Museum to close after 14 years

Met Aims to Build Itself a Museum-Quality Plaza

Mob storms National Museum, destroys Buddhist statues: “A significant part of our heritage is lost now”

Seven Lucky Couples Chosen to Marry at The Mob Museum in Las Vegas on Valentine’s Day 2012

After Audit, Bloomberg Defends Port Authority’s Rush to Build 9/11 Museum And Memorial

Lessons From the Shoe Museum

Museum fears that ‘Gone with the Wind’ artifacts might be lost after storage building burns

Lincoln Museum, Act II, the Morning After His Death and Beyond