Until someone explained to me the idea behind the Historic New England paint archive, it had never occurred to me that shades of color could shift so dramatically, at least not in the recent past. Check out this interesting workshop and learn more about paint color and historic conservation.

Ask the Experts—

The Colors of Historic Houses:
Understanding Historic Paint Colors

Friday, April 27, 11:30 am -5 PM

Historic New England Collections and Conservation Center
151 Essex Street, Haverhill, Massachusetts

Learn about the art, history, and science of using historic paint colors in settings from
everyday older homes to museums at this in-depth workshop. Architectural conservator
Brian Powell, architectural historian Susan Maycock, and experts from Historic New
England and California Paints share the latest on historic paint color palettes and current
trends in paint technology. Explore archival materials related to historic paint colors on a
tour of the Edward K. Perry paint archive. Box lunch and snacks provided.

$75 (includes Individual Historic New England membership), $35 students,
$30 Historic New England members. Price includes lunch. Registration required

For more information please call 617-994-6644, or visit www.HistoricNewEngland.org