Just in case you aren’t on the NEMA mailing list, here’s a review of upcoming workshops by Dan Yaeger, Executive Director of NEMA:

On Saturday, May 19, I will be personally leading a workshop called “Your Best Foot Forward: Personal Skills for Professional Success” at the Concord Museum. Designed especially for emerging museum professionals, the workshop draws on insights that my colleagues and I have gained from our own museum careers.


We’ll talk about things like personal branding, elevator speeches, getting organized, remembering people’s names, emotional intelligence, and other habits that lead to great leadership. Joining me will be Dan Verrico, a sales and marketing professional with more than 30 years experience, social media guru Erica Holthausen of Honest Marketing Revolution, and Leslie Howard and Kate Laurel Burgess Mac Intosh, co-leaders of NEMA’s YEP program. I hope you’ll join me too!


On Monday, May 21, we host “Do-It-Yourself Techie Tools for Museums” at Plimoth Plantation. Leading the session will be Carrie Midura from the Andover Historical Society and Rob Pyles, CEO of Toursphere, a cutting-edge mobile app and web development company.


On Friday, May 25, head to Hartford for “Management Skills for Non-Managers,” led by Michael Flinton, known for his contributions to the museum field as Assistant Professor of Museum Administration and Management at the Cooperstown Graduate Program. Michael will give you a solid foundation in things like human capital management, functional team building, problem solving, and building organizational support.


Finally, on Monday, July 9, I’m back in the picture again with “Banish the Boring: Developing Effective Presentations” at the Seacoast Science Center with the SSC’s CEO, the inimitable Wendy Lull. Wendy and I will share everything we know about public speaking, perhaps the most essential skill for professional advancement. If you’re presenting at the November NEMA Conference, you can attend the workshop for 50% off.