Former group members


A recent list of post-docs from our group and what they are doing now.

Ralitsa Sharankova: Peoples Fellow, Fermilab Accelerator Division

Trung Le: Onto Innovations

Graduate Students

A recent list of graduate students from our group and what they are doing now.

Michael Dolce PhD ’23: Post-doc @ Wichita State University

Saqib Bashar Ph.D. ’22: Federal Reserve Bank

Joshua Mills Ph.D. ’22: Amazon, Machine Learning

Katie Mason Ph.D. ’22: Ab Initio

Travis Olson Ph.D. ’22: Post-doc @ University of Houston


Below is a list of undergraduates who have worked in our group. The list also describes the project they worked on and what they did next (or am currently doing if known) after they left the group.

Nikita Saxena ’24, BITS Pilani: Conditional generation of LArTPC images. Mila – Quebec Artificial Intelligence Institute

Marco Pretell ’24: DETR for LArTPC object detection

Elias Benghiat ’23: CNN for neutrino interaction classification. SPS President, Aerospace Engineering. Aerospace Engineering Master’s student @ Georgia Tech.

Hannah Magoon ’23: SiPMs for DUNE near detector. Quantum circuits. Physics Ph.D. student @ Stanford University

Felix Yu ’22: Sparsification of Detectron object detection CNN for LArTPCs. Physics Ph.D. student @ Harvard University

Ben Harris ’22: Event reconstruction for a scintillation+Cherenkov liquid argon detector. Physics Ph.D. student @ University of Pennsylvania

Jessie Yang ’22: Designing an experiment to verify directional Cherenkov radiation in a liquid argon detector. Physics Ph.D. student @ University of Washington

Paul Lutkus ’21: VQVAE Generative Network for LArTPC images. CS Master’s student @ University of Pennsylvania

Jared Hwang ’20: Clustering using CNNs for LArTPCs. CS Master’s student @ UCLA

Kai Stewart ’20: Generative Networks for LArTPC images. 2019 Goldwater Fellow nominee for Tufts, awarded Ellen C. Myers Award, Machine Learning Researcher @ Broad Institute

Cameron Holley ’19: Measuring the efficiency of prototype photon detectors for the SBND experiment. Awarded Frederick M. and Dorie Ellis Prize, Bluecore

Makayla Trask ’19: Reconstructing particle graphs of a neutrino interaction from LArTPC images using image captioning networks. Audrey Butvay Gruss Science Award, Lincoln Labs, Physics Ph.D. Student @ UC Santa Barbara

Summer High School Students

Anita Rodriguez (Windsor School): Selecting MiniBooNE signal events in the MicroBooNE detector.

Aaroosh Ramadorai (Lexington High School): Data studies to measure possible domain shift when applying a 2D-to-3D convolutional neural network on LArTPC data. Undergraduate @ Columbia University.