Our Group

A subset of the neutrino group along with our ATLAS colleagues (summer 2023).
Not in the photo:

Post-doc Matt Rosenberg:

IAIFI Fellow Jessie Micallef:

PhD Student Polina Abratenko:


Tony Mann

Hugh Gallagher

Taritree Wongjirad

Jeremy Wolcott


Jessie Micallef (an IAIFI Fellow)

Matt Rosenberg

Former post-docs

Graduate Students

Vlad Syrotenko

Polina Abratenko

Omar Alterkait

Zev Imani

Vinicius Da Silva

Callum Sullivan

Former graduate students


Working with Prof. Gallagher

Claudia Henry (senior)

Working with Prof. Wongjirad

Jane Brockett (junior)

Elizabeth Panner (junior)

Andy Zhang (sophomore)

Nick Dalhen (first-year)

Max Ein (first-year)

Fiona Kelly (first-year)

Former undergraduates


Jack Schneps

Tomas Kafka

Bill Oliver

Join us!

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