LArTPC GPU Photon Simulation

Our group is working to apply high-performance computing techniques to help MicroBooNE and DUNE simulate the behavior of photons in the detectors. Using existing tools, Chroma (by S. Seibert) and G4DAE (by S. Blyth), photons in MicroBooNE can be simulated at a rate of about 950K photons/sec. The hope is to use this tool to help tune our optical simulation and maybe allow the photons to help reconstruct the interactions in the detector.


Triangle mesh of the MicroBooNE cryostat and detector. Used for GPU-accelerated photon propagation.
3D plot showing where photons ended. Red if onto our photon detector (i.e. the MicroBooNE acrylic plates). Black if the photon terminated anywhere else.